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The Mills Building & Training Association, Inc.

​As a foster parent I see young adults “age out” of foster care without the necessary work skills to finding adequate employment. This is where our vision comes in! Project Vision will provide these young adults the skills they need to thrive in the workplace, as well as in society. Since the majority of these young adults have an incomplete educational background, the key is to combine hands-on, real world training with a clear pathway (plan) to their chosen career. Our projects will vary to include construction, office administration, automotive restoration and mechanics, and culinary, just to mention a few. Project Build will give these boys and girls the opportunity to learn and work in the construction industry. Project Manage will focus on office administration and management skills. Project Chef will combine cooking skills with other aspects of the culinary industry.

Here’s an example of how it works: 

For Project Build, our non-profit organization MBTA, receives donations from generous people and business owners who receive a donation receipt in return.  MBTA then sends the young adults out with our skilled Trainers to complete the agreed upon work to be done.  They have scheduled work hours, have breaks and get to learn how to work hard for an income.

A long-term future goal of ours is to buy and resell homes.  These homes will be sold and the money reinvested back into the organization to fund future endeavors. We will hire experienced people in the remodeling field who will teach these young adults a trade such as, but not limited to; electrical, concrete work, block-work, stucco, framing, roofing, trim work, drywall, painting, finishing drywall, air conditioning and installing windows.